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We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in the USA whose goal is to help people who cannot meet their medical expenses. Egatha will ensure patients will be able to get their clinical care and their much needed diagnostic exams to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Egatha works currently in Lebanon in partnership with Daughters of Charity.



Egatha is created to inspire people to provide a meaningful act of service through love and compassion. Each and everyone of us can help a great deal by volunteering in any way to ensure patients needs are met.

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Lebanon's Latest

Since October of 2019, Lebanon has faced a severe economic crisis. In October of 2019, hundreds of thousands of people across Lebanon took to the streets to demand political change. After the resignation of the Lebanese cabinet, Lebanon was thrown into a political crisis. Capital inflows into the country abruptly stopped and Lebanese banks were forced to institute severe restrictions on bank withdrawals. The Lebanese lira has sharply depreciated in value. An extreme form of wealth destruction is taking place in Lebanon as many Lebanese have lost the majority of their monetary savings. Four out of every ten Lebanese are out of work and half the population is below the poverty line. To make matters worse, Lebanon continues to face the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating August 4, 2020 explosion.


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